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The crypto markets fell hard again last night, with Bitcoin losing 15% of its price and now trading at an annual time low of $4,632. With the exception of XRP which almost alone among the major cryptos has managed to at least hold its price, the whole market has followed bitcoin each recording losses between 10% and 25%.

crypto market crash bitcoin crash 2018 november 20

Source: Coin Market Cap

November and the run up to the end of the year has traditionally been bullish with large price gains, but the chance of recovery before Christmas seems remote to many of long suffering investors.

For those who have been in the crypto world longer, the volatility is nothing new and after over two months of ‘boring’ stability now have something to trade with, albeit short selling.

Source: Coin Market Cap

Meanwhile r/Bitcoin/ entertains itself with meme’s making fun of the drama in the markets and proclaiming one more time with mock seriousness, ‘bitcoin has died again’.

Source: Reddit r/Bitcoin

Source: Reddit r/Bitcoin

Are you marked safe during the crypto crash of November 2018? Did you cash out to buy back later or are holding long term? Let us know in the comments below.

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