Watching the price of crypto currencies fall once again this week you could be excused to have a momentary lack of confidence in the investment space. On the face of it, the market is not being kind to bitcoin and has virtually rejected almost all alt coins, punishing them with 80% to 90% losses.

Nevertheless, as holders watch their portfolio’s getting reckt and Forbes writes articles about “The Great Bitcoin Scam” there are now more than ever, an army of developers quietly working on products and solutions that will help to bring forward mainstream adoption of this new technology.

Omise is one shining example.

I live in Thailand and over the last two years have watched the south east asian payment processing company, Omise start to appear in my life more and more.

Every month i’m billed by Line Mobile my cell phone provider which is owned by ‘the Japanese Whatsapp’, Line. The payment is processed by Omise:


When I order late night pizza, the payment is also processed by Omise.



And also for McDonalds:


source: Omise Go

Thailand is perhaps surprisingly one of the most forward thinking states with respect to the possibilities of harnessing blockchain technology. The Central Bank of Thailand met with Omise and other representatives from the Ethereum foundation in August of last year. It was one of the many stories that contributed to the excitement and perhaps the ‘peak mania’ in the later stages of the 2017 bull run.

Prices may have returned to earth and the excitement waned away, but make no mistake about it… Behind the scenes, companies like Omise are further ahead now than they were when their tokens were sky high in January 2018.

Blood might be in the streets, but the developers are still at their desks pumping out code and bringing the cryptoverse closer to mainstream adoption.

To learn more about Omise and their native currency OMG you can visit their website here or see details of the OMG token on Coin Market Cap.

Article written on the ground here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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