China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has rated TRON – world’s third largest decentralized application – as second-best asset. The number one goes to EOS. The CCID has ranked TRON very high because of it’s applicability and technology.

The list consists of 35 cryptocurrencies by market cap and ranked them according to their basic technology, applicability and creativity. Ethereum used to be on the second position on the previous list, however TRON dethroned Ethereum. TRON is a newcomer and is a competitor to major blockchain projects.

TRON is highly rated because the network increased from 100,000 thousand transactions per day to an astonishing 1.7 million. It’s more than a ten-fold increase. TRON differs from Ethereum and Bitcoin in the sense that the latter blockchains require Proof of Work. TRON (and EOS for that matter) are more dependent on a group of nodes.

There is a trade-off: more centralization or more transaction capacity and the main – valid – criticism against TRON is centralization. Ethereum and Bitcoin are much more decentralized. This means that TRON can scale more quickly than other blockchains can.