Which of the three: Does the real Satoshi Nakamoto want to stand up now?

The Bitcoin is, according to some, a fairy tale or crime according to some the most influential invention of modern times. It is all the more special that, despite all the technology and modern technology, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto never got out. He is the creator and designer of the Bitcoin and his identity has never been established with certainty. Of course, that uncertainty also offers opportunities for all kinds of people who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. We even saw a Satoshi Nakamoto who really had to do his best to prove that he wasn’t “the creator”. Now a new name has emerged. A certain Bilal Khalid, who he claims to be an Englishman born in Pakistan who was born in 1975 or 1978, now claims to have developed the Bitcoin.


Now there is a surprisingly simple way to prove this. The first 980,000 Bitcoins (BTC) are mined in so-called wallets of which only Satoshi Nakamoto has the private keys. Every wannabe Satoshi or “Faketoshi” is therefore challenged to shift some of those Bitcoins with his private key. Where previously “Faketoshi” Craig Wright has been proven as a fake, now Mr. Khalid stumbled on that point too.

He claims on his site that he has left his hard drive with the 960,000 BTC in his laptop during a repair. After repair, he got the laptop back without that old hard drive and therefore without the wallet. Reason enough for the crypto community to roll on the floor of laughter. Next up is to refer the story to the realm of fables.

When we talk about 980,000 Bitcoin, we are talking about more than $ 9 billion in value. The question is what it would mean for the price if this amount had really disappeared forever or was brought on the market by the real Satoshi.